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Can a student get good GRE scores by practicing on GRE sample questions? GRE success (and failures) depends on various factors. However, a potential GRE taker that has prepared well would have a bigger chance of getting good scores as compared to another person that comes to the testing area without having done any preparation at all. A college education may not be enough for people wanting to secure a bright future. Competition is stiff in all fields of endeavor. A string of titles attached to the name would look impressive in the resume. Can this be the reason why a bachelor’s degree is considered not to be enough so that a lot of people would deem post graduate education necessary? GRE is a graduate school admission requirement and most schools would accept students based on their GRE scores. This examination gives the school an insight on the kind of education the applicant has had.  Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that the verbal reasoning, the quantitative reasoning and the analytical writing scope of the test are supposed to be stored knowledge, many exam takers would still fail to get good scores. GRE is considered to be a hard examination thus preparation courses are offered.  

A prospective GRE taker has to be well oriented with regards to the test structure and to the answering methodology. What makes GRE a difficult test to crack is the fact that the subjects from where the questions will be taken are not specified. A taker simply needs to prepare and along with a lot of reading, a lot of GRE sample questions must be answered as well. Practice tests would contain GRE sample questions that are patterned after the actual exam. Some of these questions were taken from past GREs thereby giving the exam taker a general idea on how the actual examination will go.

 Practice…practice…practice! This should be the mantra of anyone wanting to gain a seat in a prestigious graduate school. These practice sessions includes taking a lot of mock tests. These mock tests will cover all the sections that are covered by the actual exam. The GRE sample questions are practically replicas of the questions in the exam. The patterns and the structure of the test would be the same as well. As with the real GRE, the practice tests are also timed. These are good opportunities for the taker to get oriented with the conditions of the exam. The answering skills of the student will be honed and he/she will learn how to manage time.

What else do I need to know?

Taking GRE practice tests and answering GRE sample questions will allow the taker to keep track of his progress. It is common for students to devote more practice and study time to subjects considered to be difficult. For instance, a person good in verbal reasoning would focus the preparation on quantitative reasoning. However, this misplaced confidence can be the reason for the failure. With the practice tests, the exam taker will know which section of the exam really needs more attention. Please keep in mind that sample questions are not the end all be all of the scoring high, your tool kit should include various study tools.



gre sample questions

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